Bukoba Tour activities-Lake victoria

Things to do: Tour  activities in Bukoba

The town is flat and compact, forming a bowl as it is surrounded by beautiful hills, the Lake Victoria. Tour activies in Bukoba include: Beach tour breeze, Fishing tour, sailing to the islands, Bukoba community tour,

The Tourist Center Bukoba, Philip Adventure&Safaris Company  offers several tours in Kagera.

Kagera-Bukoba MuseumKagera-Bukoba-Museum-bukoba-tanzania
The chance to see local tools, heritage and most impressively a fine collection of professional wildlife photography by Dick Persson. A fabulous new addition to the profile of Bukoba… Don’t miss it!

Musila Island
Follow in the footsteps of Henry Morton Stanley, the famous historical visitor to East Africa, and explore the majestic Musila Island. Our boat safari across to the Island from the sands of the Spice Beach Motel provides you with 20 minutes of exhilarating sailing on Lake Victoria!

Upon arrival we pass through the small fishing village soaking up the atmosphere of community life. We then walk to the island summit and marvel at the vast expanse of the Lake, whilst watching & listening to the mass array of birds whose presence is the only intrusion upon the panoramic view!
Your English speaking guide will provide commentary along the way before we proceed back to the boat to gain the water level perspective as we circumnavigate the island before heading back for the mainland. Note: Lifejackets are provided
Waterfalls in BukobaRubale Forest Waterfalls & Cave
Enter the enchanting Rubale forest and succumb to its charms as you relax and enjoy the wonder of nature. After a gentle walk we arrive at the Kyamunene River Waterfalls, where, if desired one can take a dip or simply rest!

From here we then walk for a few minutes, shaded by the tree canopy, and arrive at the intriguing U-shaped cave. Now your imagination will move into overdrive as you hear tales of the use of the cave by warriors in the ancient tribal wars & by more recently by soldiers in the Idd Amin war!

No visit is complete without crouching down and passing through such a marvelous natural creation. Should you wish arrangements for lunch here can be made (extra charge-please state at time of booking).
Visit fisher communityKarobela or Kabaranda Beach
If you are a fan of hiking, culture and panoramas then this is for you. Wander through banana plantations, forest & wild grasses on the local paths before arriving at an unrivalled viewpoint across Lake Victoria. Then, with your guide leading the way, climb down from your elevated position and make your way to a gloriously secluded beach. Rest here and watch the birds or the local fisher folk perform their daily activities! If arrangements are made in advance why not join them in their traditional canoes and try to catch your supper? Then return on foot to the vehicle. This tour can be customized or combined with other tours such as Musila Island or Rubale forest. Just ask!
Bicycle Tours
View the attractive setting of the town and the places of interest by taking a relaxing bike ride. Our guides will set a gentle pace and bring the town to life with their commentary. There are 3 separate bicycle tours which provide varying levels of duration, distance & physical exertion!
Walking Tours
View the attractive setting of Bukoba by taking a guided walking tour. Our experienced English-speaking guides will bring Kagera to life with their commentary. There are different tours providing varying levels of duration, distance & physical exertion.
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