Hiking Mt Uluguru

A paradise for hiking, and with an “never ending view” from some of all the peaks, throughout the Savannah of Mikumi National Park, with Udzungwa Mountains National Park to be seen to the east.


  • Uluguru Mountains are part of the Eastern Arc mountain chain.
  • To visit Morning side, a old German mountain hut at about 1000 m above sea level are one of the most popular hikes, a short day trip.
  • For the “top of the world” feeling, set your plan for hiking to Lupanga Peak, 2150 m above sea level, a tough walk of 6 to 8 hours. The inside of the forest on the way up can be slippery and difficult in the rain, but you might be awarded with meeting some rare bird life.

A part of a more than 25 million year old mountain chain, and although the mountain in the 1960s were still covered by forest, there are now luckily some established forest reserves and conservation projects.

For over three centuries the mountain and its surroundings has mainly been the home to the Luguru, the main tribe in the area. The name means “people of the mountain” and about 1,2 million of them now live in and around the mountains, mainly with agriculture as their way of surviving.

Nature and wildlife
Uluguru can show you some of the world’s richest and most species-diverse rainforests, containing more than ten endemic reptilian and amphibian species and over a hundred endemic plants, including African violet, busy lizzies and begonias.

Of the mammals you can meet here are yellow baboons, blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, wild pigs and duiker antelopes, but still the mountains are most known for its birdlife, which include fifteen rare or unique species.