Our mission &Vision

Our Vision

Philip Adventure &Safaris Company  ,VISION is to be the Champion in East Africa for providing the most good services in all safari company by investing our energy and resources into the people .

Our Guests

Philip Adventure&Safaris Company   now  a safari is more than the fantastic collection of wild animals that live here in East Africa, rather its the impact of various inter-connected parts that make an amazing safari experience possible for our guests.


Education & Training

We are the first company which is forms through the youth who was coming from Street and who was suffering with poverty and most of them are Hiv/Aids infections.

Our Safari Equipment

  • Because safety and reliability are critical we provide our clients with well-equipped custom Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles.
  • Each of our safari vehicles is assigned to a specific guide permanently in order to foster a personal commitment to the care and maintenance of the vehicle.


The Community
NETWORK OF YOUNG PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS (NYP+) The Organization started in 2003 and registered in 2005. The network has individual membership of 76 members and 10 groups from the regions of Dodoma, Tabora, Morogoro, Coast and Dar es Salaam. The objective of NYP+ is to advocate the rights of youth living with HIV/AIDS including availability of care and treatment, reproductive health and continuous involvement.

Activities done: Training youth on HBC, training Mbweni youth on HIV prevention, provision of reproductive health education in collaboration with Dance for Life, Africa Alive. Training school youth on HIV prevention in Morogoro, Dar es Salaam and Coast regions. Participated in National AIDS day in Tabora by facilitating workshop on voluntary testing and other many activities related to youth.

Achievements: More than 48 youth received training on HBC and counseling, out reaching students in more than 30 schools for HIV infection prevention, to advocate on youth among leaders of various sector, being aware on how youth can be involved in global fund round 8 and many more.

challenges: Lack of donors to give funds for running and equipping office, lack of strategic tool, lack of technical and managerial skills, engulfing of youth agenda by other big networks, failing to reach more youth particularly in rural areas due to lack of financial resources.

  • We are involved in our community with multiple projects, such as for a local school in the Dar es salaam, Tanga, Tabora Mwanza and  Arusha  region and sponsoring children to attend school.

Our Mission

Philip Adventure &Safaris Company  is a Supported with American NGOs Called NPAN  Under the Managing Director of NPAN  who have office in Boulder USA -owned company with offices in Tanzania, the USA and Canada. It was created to make a difference in the lives of the people we work with in the East African tourism industry.

Travelers have a great many choices when looking for an outstanding Safari. It means understanding what areas to visit, accommodation options, food experiences, optimal group sizes, what time of the year to visit and who will be guiding them.

By creating a professional, supportive and socially responsible working environment for our employees, they are motivated and focused on the quality and value of the safari experience we design for our guests.