I had a wonderful climb on Kilimanjaro with Philip Adventure & Safaris Ltd this it was an important part of my success. they  made me in good preparation very easy. I was fully informed of my itinerary and cost. I will and i have already recommended the company and the owner of this company to every  to use this company for safaris,i cant wait to tell all  my friends & family in Australia. The guide Michael  was assigned to me, was top notch and i have had the time of my life………Thanks Philip Adventure &safaris.


I don’t have a lot of time now, but wanted to write you a quick note per Phillip Adventure&Safaris company ! request. My name is Josh, from Alaska, and I hiked
Kilimanjaro via the Marangu route with my girlfriend Margaret, from
Texas, with Philip as our guide. He got us to the top for a price that
was very reasonable considering the cost of the trip. Apparently, he
began as a porter and has worked his way up and was able to get a guide
license for himself. Now hes starting his own company, Philip Adventure&Safaris company.
You guys should go with him. He hired a great crew of porters and
cooks, got us gear and has all the connections to make things happen.
He’s friendly and knows the mountain very well. As I said – and this is
the most important thing to me – he got us to the summit safely and
back down in 5 days. There is much more I can say about him. I’d
recommend him to anyone attempting Kilimanjaro.
I’d like to see him succeed, so I hope you’ll decide to go with him.
If you have any questions or concerns, Id be happy to tell you whether
we dealt with any such things on our trip.

Pole Pole (Slowly…) is the name of the game,



Kilimanjaro !!
Une experience inoubliable, des paysages sublime et une super equipe autour de moi. Tous c’est tres bien passer (appart quelques nauser proche du somet).
A chaque camp une tres bonne ambiance, et les repas; delicieu, we eat like Presidents  on the Kilimanjaro..
Felicitation a tous les porteurs, et cuisinier, un travail remarquable.
Merci beaucoup. Un reve est devenu realiter.
Asante !!!


If you have to choose a tour operator for a safari, don’t hesitate, contact Philip Adventure& Safaris Company ltd. This agency offers very good service and price. Our guide was very professional, answering all our questions, and we appreciated his perfect knowledge of all animals and also his explanations regarding their behavior in their environment. In 9 days, we drove to , Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro,and Usambara Mountain for 4days Hiking Were in Lushoto and Mtae this is World View point area . we had the opportunity to observe plenty of animals and Cultural tourism. We also want to mention the very nice Serena wildlife lodge   and the cheerful welcome of all their staff. For all these reasons, we highly recommend Philip Adventure&Safaris Company ltd.
It was memorable trips thanks Philip adventure&Safaris Company for making dreams comes true!!.
Geneva, Switzerland.
Hi Philip Adventure&Safaris Company ltd!
I am sorry for writing back so late but i have been very busy lately. I hope you are doing fine and that you have been successful with your safari tours. I really miss working in Arusha – it has been a good time in your country ;) You told me that you needed a short text about how the safari to the Manyara National Park has been. So I wrote you a short summary about our trip, which was awesome by the way.I worked in Tansania for six weeks. After my first week of work I met Philip, who offered me a safari trip to the Lake Manyara National Park. At the time he had started a new safari company, called ‘Philip Adventure & Safaris Company Ldt’ and we booked a cheap trip for 160 Dollars. Philip and the driver picked us up at 8.40 in the morning and with that my first safari ever started. We shortly stopped for a lunch box on the way and then we drove to the National Park. To make a long story short it was a fascinating and pretty perfect day. It is definitely hard to find a better company than this one. Our two guides explained everything to us. All our questions about the animals, the plants and the park were answered perfectly in detail. We had a lucky day and we saw a lot of animals – elephants, apes, giraffes and a lot more. The only animal we didn’t get to enjoy was the lion, which is very hard to find in this park, because of its big forest. It was a really good day and I can only recommend to go on safari with Philip!It was really nice to meet you guys and hopefully you can use this text for your homepage.


Toni Breitenberger <toni.breitenberger@gmail.com

Best wishes,